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Planning and scheming at #Aipx night classes. If I don’t draw, I’ll fall asleep! #typography #handlettering
Fin! #art #illustration #drawing #catchnrelease #sketch
(WIP) my grandpa doing one of many things he did well: feelin’ good and looking cool doing it. The man who taught me to draft, fish, and problem solve. ❤️ #art #aipx #sketch #drawing #catchnrelease
Quitting time. I miss this dog. #art #dog #sketch #ballpoint #jetpen #prismacolor.
A non-commercial project for school. I did a “new media” style magazine for those interested in podcasts, blogs, vlogs, free to download movies and music, and online art galleries/crafty types!It was a fun project, and my first foray into print and publication. How could I resist glitching the lovely Ms. Helbig and putting her front and center? (I’ll be replacing this with an original drawing when I have a moment to actually draw again.)
Sketches between classes. Mon capitaine!! #art #illustration #portrait #redpencil #aipx #startrek #picard #patrickstewart
A quickie portrait of a friend to try out the new wacom. It will take some getting used to!
A friend got drunk and sent selfies to all our friends. I decided she might like a momento. ;)  Pencil, photoshop.
Doing some homework for school, and having a blast. The inside of this (once folded) will hold some personal information and tiny examples of work. I hope it prints okay.
for those who may have missed my deadline to get a hand-crafted Valentine’s card, I’ve made a re-print available, for you Sci-fi lovin’ sweeties. Happy Valentine’s Day! MTFBWY.

Find it here, or here, and if you feel like following artists on facebook, feel free to stop by my page! :) Thanks all.

EDIT: Oh my god, This silly thing actually got notes? Thank you Frogman for the signal boost, and thank you wonderful people for liking and reblogging! I’ve always just used tumblr as a sort of roaming portfolio thing, but this notes stuff is EXCITING! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 3 haha. Thank you all. What a nice thing to come home to after a hard day. Maybe I shall draw Threepio next :) <3
For those asking, it’s about 5” x 7” and done in acrylic on Bristol. I added some slight sparkles and my silly placeholder logo in PS.
I rarely post something other than my artwork, but I felt like sharing. My roommate (also a graphic design student) shot some nice photos of me in uniform for my mother’s birthday. I’ve assembled them into a shutterfly book which is on it’s way to the cold northeast to greet her on Valentines day!
In other news, I’m missing the island, HARD, missing warmth, missing my health, and days when I had time for me. As soon as I have my degree, I’ll be leaving this city and heading straight to the ocean.
I went and upgraded my phone today, after years of having the same one on its last leg. In celebration (and out of desperation) I’ve updated my society 6 store with a new case, that fits most phone models.
See for yourself!
There’s a good chance this is my last work for 2013! A (very late) commission for a friend. Hope you like it, Ted; check your email! :)
Facing pages spread assignment for Design History. The text is taken directly from my grandfather’s memoirs, and the photos are of him and my grandmother. He was a Seabee and she (among many other interesting jobs) a singer for the troops. The purple heart is a snapshot I took of his medal. Medals come in two sizes for different occasions and I have his smaller “dinner” medal. They are usually worn with full dress uniform for functions other than ceremonies, such as the Navy, Seabee, or Marine ball.I love his writing because he was ever a man of strong sentiments, and few words. Sometimes that contrast just sends me chuckling while reading his words.For those curious, I referenced some stylistic elements from the following:TIME 1941TIME 1952Seventeen 1969Vogue 1969